Dog Lodging

Tails are wagging at Paw Print Pet Lodge!

Your dog can enjoy a country retreat complete with spacious accommodations, gourmet treats, exercises and even a spa treatment! The most exciting thing about the Paw Print Pet Lodge is the one-on-one care your furry friend will receive. Every dog always gets two one-on-one walks every day! That’s right, at the Paw Print Pet Lodge your dog is guaranteed time out of their room every day. Not to mention a wide variety of exercises and other options to spoil your dog to the fullest!

Happy Dogs Stay Here.

Paw Print Pet Lodge provides the most one-on-one, individual care on the Mid-Coast. Our staff is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and fun environment for all of our guests
We monitor every dog to ensure they are adapting to their new environment and make sure they have everything they need to have a happy stay. Every dog receives:

  • Individual walks two times every day, including a walk immediately after check-in
  • Spacious accommodations that are accessible all day long and in every season
  • 42 skylights for ample sunshine
  • All-natural premium dog food (or bring your own at no extra cost)
  • Comfortable bedding (or you may bring a blanket from home; no beds, please)
  • Radiant-heated floors
  • Calming classical music
  • A yummy treat at bedtime

Customize your dog’s stay

While you’re away, shouldn’t your dog be spoiled? At Paw Print Pet Lodge, you can customize your canine friend’s stay to make sure he’ll have the best stay possible. Available options are:

Nature Walk Your dog will enjoy sniffing along the meandering paths around Stillwater Farm to Mansfield Pond and back. Each Nature Walk is approximately 15 minutes.

Poochie Playtime Anyone for a game of fetch? Your pet’s favorite Paw Print Pet Lodge friend is available for playtime with your dog: fetch, frisbee, belly rubs—whatever makes your pooch happiest. Each Playtime is 15 minutes.

Extra Walk Would you like your pooch to have a quick trip outside? The extra walk is approximately 5 minutes long.

Outside Time This option is a half hour outside in our outside, fenced-in area. Please note, this is unaccompanied time.

Rex Bed NEW! Upgrade to a child’s mattress and turn down service.

Rex Breakfast NEW! Two Scrambled Eggs and two strips of Beggin’ Strips.

Gourmet Treats NEW! A homemade, gourmet treat (choices vary).

Woof Dreams Homemade, doggy ice-cream: yogurt, banana, peanut butter and a dash of honey; frozen for refreshing perfection!

Yogurt NEW! A serving of healthy, plain yogurt; available with or without a bit of honey.


Paw Print Pet Lodge offers four size rooms:

  • Small For dogs 0-50 lbs. | 3.5′ x 15′ (52.5sq. ft.)
  • Medium For dogs 51-75 lbs. | 3′ 10″ x 15′ (57.45sq. ft.)
  • Large For dogs 76+ lbs. | 4.5′ x 17.5′ (70 sq. ft.)
  • Double For pairs of large dogs |6′ x 17.5′ (105 sq. ft.)

Each run is divided into two sections: a smaller front section where we put food, water and bedding and then a larger exercise area where the dogs can do as they please.

Please note: Proof of vaccinations against rabies, distemper and bordetella from your veterinarian are required.